Friday, December 14, 2012

The picture

As previous blog the after which showed the transformation of the den (man cave) in our house. Now we have added "The Picture" . This picture has caught my eye for a while. 
It is done by a local artist   Cameron Thurbid  
An area the my wife and I love to walk is dallas rd. And especially down near the end of it at the far side of Ross bay.
There is the sight that is on this picture.  Its titled St.Charles and Dallas.

Well we ordered it 10 days ago and it was the finnishing touch of our den reno. It just arrived today so we picked it up and hung it right away.  (yes it was my Christmas present early from my wife. along with all the renos, and her present too.)

Enjoy and if you want to see more pictures by Cameron Thurbid click on his link above.

this is from Camerons website.

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