Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Techno war

With Technology changing so fast it is so hard to keep up. And in the TV land its always hard.  So here I am trying to come up with a cheap solution  for my TV viewing.  
With me being of Scottish heritage I don't want to spend a lot.

So here was my problem, we have gotten into watching netflix. And it usually required us to take the wii console off of our sons (yes adoption final) tv and hook it up on the main tv to watch netflix.    So without buying a new HD TV yet ,  ours still works great.  The wii hooked up fine with the composite connections.
But that was a hassle every time.

So I spotted some blueray/dvd players with wireless connection and netflix and youtube apps to run on your non smart TV.

So after researching them a bit it became obvious you needed a HDMI connection to your TV.  And I didn't have that.

So I finnaly found one that had the old composite connections but when I brought it home it was only wifi ready and you needed an adapter , more money.
So I took that back and gave up on the idea.
The next thought was to get another wii console and hook it up to the main TV.   

But then i stumbled across this blueray/dvd player.
   And what a suprise.  It works great.  It has the wireless and the composite and HDMI connections.  So works with this TV and then will work with the next new one I get maybe a year from now.

Hooked it up in no time and was watching netflix and youtube right away.  Also came with some other interesting apps, like google maps and picassa web pictures.

So its great to view the pictures from my blog right away or I can watch pics put on DVD or thumb drives.

Cant be more happy with this and it was on sale too .  Only cost me $99.    I highly recommend it , if you want to upgrade to make your TV a smart TV.


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