Monday, July 2, 2012

Off to the Canadians

It's that time of year when we travel to a part of Canada for the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships.  This year we are heading to Saskatoon Sk.  Ive been there a few times before and will be nice to view that city again.

I hope that Im ready this year for good success.  But I have conflicting thoughts.  One is that I hurt my knee about 2 weeks ago.  Its not bad now little sore and swollen but I can play without too much pain .   Just have to take it easy.  
The other thought is I just played a tourney up in Ladysmith this weekend and played well.  I finnished 5 wins and 0 losses with a ringer percent around 55%.  Im going to have to play that well or even better this year , as I am in the A group.  
There is 6 players in my group and I will be playing them all once every day for 3 days.  Total of 15 games.

You can follow the results here at the Championship website. Cheer me on.  and see you after its over.

you can see all of the results from the BC tournaments at this website. bc horseshoe results

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