Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun with Lockout

While the NHL lockout has been going on for a bit, and we all miss the hockey games, there has been some funny lines being said.   Here are a few to make you laugh.  

The first one I saw on twitter.  It goes along a smart phone screen where you slide to unlock the phone.  Well its got the NHL Logo and the slide to unlock but the tweeter said I wish it was this easy. Meaning to end the lockout.  Of course I tweeted back "   Trying to slide but no movement. Maybe it will work next week."

The other is a Major Junior hockey team in Ontario is holding there 50/50 draw but with the theme from the NHL bargaining position of 57/43 share.   The winner will get 57 % of the pot instead of the usual 50%.

Always to have fun with these things. hope you got a giggle or two from them seeyou soon

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