Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now after a delay

Its been getting close to a month since my last post.  So I guess its time for an update.  You have seen pics on here of trees cut down, wood split, and woodsheds built.   Getting ready for winter .  Now with all the outside work being finished and now that we don't need to burn wood to keep warm. It was time for the inside upgrade.

The wood stove above is the one we purchased back in 1985. It was a Wilks stove.  They stopped building them not long after.  It was a local Victoria made stove.   But after 27 yrs it started to show its age.  With a couple cracks in the inside firebox, it was time to upgrade.   That meant a new more energy efficient stove and of course a new chimney that brought everything up to code and of course looking new again.  
So I bring you the new Stove.  It also is a fairly local made stove.  It is made just up Island by Pacific Energy.  Its a lot smaller but a lot more efficient too.   We went with a smaller unit but added the porcelain touch for decorative looks.
Well do you like it.

  Too bad we have to wait till fall to use it.


Anonymous said...

Better get that new stove inspected for your insurancecompany

Anonymous said...

It looks great and I am sure you will get to use it these chilly July days . Donna