Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Guitar

Found some entertainment in the local paper , and today my wife and I went to a lunch time concert.  It was at the St. Mary's Church in Oak Bay.  The performer was a man that we have seen before performing while we enjoyed lunch in the Empress quite a few years ago.  Also his music is heard on CBC and on Galaxy music on the local cable.  His name  Brad Prevedoros

It was an fantastic music, and picked up 2 of his CDs .  One Christmas cd and the other one to play all year round.
His website is

The other thing that was discovered is the fantastic stained glass windows in this church.  Here are 3 pics of some of the glass.  They are not the best pictures but you get the idea of how good the stained glass is.  Beside each one is a small description to tell what is being told.  One even told of the two mistakes in the design.  They are worth seeing.  I want to go back some time and really look at them with more time to see all the details.


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