Saturday, January 22, 2011

You can't do that today

 Well today we had only two hours downtown before we had to pick someone up.  So my wife decided to use a Christmas Gift card and buy a pair of shoes at the Bay department store.  Sounded easy right?  Wrong.

First after choosing her shoes we went to the checkout to pay for them.  The shoes get scanned, then the gift card, now the problem.  After 15 mins and a phone call to the Bay
head office, They told us the gift card part of their system was down all across the country.
  So they said come back in 1/2 hr and try again.  So the shoes got put on hold and we went for tea and coffee.  
  Returning about 45 mins later we tried again, only to have the same problem.  So the final result was they held the shoes and we are trying again later in the week. Unfortunately we have to drive back into town again for this.  

Well we took that fine and those things happen, but when they happen again you start to wonder if its you or is this world just going too computerish (new word) for our own good.   Next we went to a bank to activate a debit card on a new account.  And yes you guessed it their system was down.  But you can go home and do it by phone.  Maybe we should just stick to cash now and not do things with cards.  It seemed so much easier back then.

What do you think , do you run into problems with cards too?


Anonymous said...

Usually when one computer system is down it affects everything. Good meeting you today in town, some place we rarely go.

katney said...

The machine at the Chinese restaurant we ate at a couple of weeks ago timed out several times. Could have something to do with the fact that it was on dial-up on the same line as their phone. I was glad I had my checkbook, since the movie we were headed to was due to start.

When we travel, and forget to tell the bank, our debit card gets locked after we use it once in another state. Good thing we remembered to tell the bank and all the credit cards that we would be traveling when we went to the UK last summer.