Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Esquimalt Lagoon

Down at Esquimalt Lagoon today and looking at the erosion of the coberg peninsula.  Over the last few years we have been reading about the erosion of the area around the bridge.

These few pics show even though the tide is high today that alot of the end part of the peninsula has been washed away.   There use to be a area for about 12 cars to park now you would be lucky to get 2 there now.

It has been said that most of the reason is that the peninsula was there from all the gravel and sand that was deposited over many many years from the gravel pit a few miles away.  Now the gravel pit is no more. So for the last few years no more new material deposited and the old being washed away.  

It sure makes sense to me.  After seeing this today I can see why they are so concerned with the bridge being lost.  It was closed for a while last summer but they did some work for a short term solution. 

I believe they can do some more work but its about who would pay for the work.
A political battle between Colwood and the Feds.  Time will tell if the money gets spent or we lose the bridge. 

One thing that losing the bridge that would be a good thing for some people as commuters would no longer speed along this old road.  Making it unsafe for the people that just want to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Ok.   As for a future blog.  I'm requesting someone to write me a little bit of something they have found locally to write a blog about.  Or something that is just bugging you .  You decide , It will be the first Visitor blog.  Yes I will decide if your write up goes on here or not but please send me something.  With pics too.


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