Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fountain Diner

A new Diner opened up in downtown Langford this week. So we decided to check it out for lunch.  Its Called the Fountain Dinner because its just beside the big roundabout fountain on Goldstream.

Its open from 7am -3pm everyday.  
It has eat in and take out. And a very nice atmosphere. I liked the old pictures on the wall.  I think the ones of the car and the gas station I believe is from near Langford lake on Goldstream.  And the the third I think is from a old building right by where the fountain is now.

 The service was very good, and the food was excellent too. I had the Big box burger with fries, and my wife had the  Ham and spinach quiche.   The price was reasonable  burger was $10.50 and the Quiche was $8.99.  

 I would highly recommend it for lunch.  It was a very pleasant experience.  

So how did my food blog entry do?  I know a food blogger who is reading this so Did I do ok?

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Toronto Girl West said...

HA! :oD

This post pretty well made my morning!!! Taking pictures of your food and everything.

I liked it - and in fact now I want to visit that place next time we're back on the Island!

PS: Welcome to food blogging!

Anonymous said...

Right on, solid review. This was the first thing that came up when you enter "fountain diner goldstream" into google.

They also have a GIANT burger. It is insane, probably twice the size that you're imagining it to be (unless you have a really big imagination).

Anonymous said...

Big Box Burger? Is that a spin on how Langford is known as the big box store town?

Anonymous said...

I believe the big burger is called the Alpine Burger! Many of their menu items take a spin on local Langford knowledge.
I've been, had the breakfast, I left very satisfied with my portion and my pocket book. They still have the usual opening kinks to work out, but I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Excellent food and friendly atmosphere. The Alpine burger is named after Stu Young's group of companies which share the Alpine brand.

Stu also owns the Pier Bistro on the Sidney wharf in case anyone is looking for good food in the Sidney area.

Anonymous said...

Am going to try out your restaurant on Monday July 23rd with my daughter and her friend and hoping it is going to be as good as I've been told it is.