Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too simple it might work

Well this idea is so simple It might be the answer.  I believe what you see here is the answer to the train, commuter problem of Vancouver Island.

You see the truck and crew working on the track.  The wheels on the truck that can be lowered to use the track and then lifted to drive on the road.
 Well what if they used the same concept on the buses.  You could have buses with these wheels leaving from up island toward Victoria every morning on the track before the train goes by.  Then they reach Victoria and they lift their wheels and drive back up the island return.  Or they could stay in town till the afternoon.
Then in the afternoon the process is reversed.  You could have 10-12 buses doing this so it would carry lots and it would only cost for the buses and wheels and maintenance of the track.  

Why haven't they come up with this.  Well I did see this idea presented before but its probably because its so cheap and not flashy that's why the politicians don't want this one.  They want their name beside some big flashy commuter train . A legacy for them.   

Well you think it would work?   Do you have a good solution?

well leave a comment .  I know you know how now.


katney said...

I see these repair trucks on the railway here fairly often. Using the system for commuter vehicles is an interesting thought. I take it there is a rail bridge between Vacouver and Victoria? I didn't realize that.

postie said...

No it would be just on the island from nanaimo or courtenay down to Victoria