Monday, January 24, 2011

great paintings

While downtown today we saw these paintings .  From a distance they look so realistic.   I love to see different murals around town and in other towns too.   Starting in Feb.  I will be joining with a few other blogs and posting a series called Odd Shot Mondays.  I was in this about a year ago but it stopped.  I was just informed today that it will start up again in Feb.  So If you have any photos that are kinda odd send them to me and I could use them if they fit.    And if I like them.  Ok later

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katney said...

Hey, Postie. Glad you will be joining me again with the odd shots. I have to get out with my camera. I'm sure I will find something odd about the town. And I have a year's worth of files to browser through to see what I took that could have been an odd shot. I've missed doing them. But the break was good to keep us fresh.