Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give me the money

Well  my wife told me she heard on the radio that the CRD wants to do a study on the deer population of Greater Victoria.  And this study is going to cost $150,000 .   Well Let me do the study I can come up with the same answer.  We have too many deer for the area that people are living in.  

We have trouble growing plants of any kind whether you are a farmer or  hobby gardener.  People have either had to put up fences. Or come up with ways to scare the deer away or even spray plants with odors that the deer don't like.  Then it rains and the odors disappear.  Or the deer knock down the fences or find a way over or under.

There is only one way to solve this problem. Its a controlled cull by the CRD.  We cant let anyone take on this their own way as we don't want people shot in the process.

And I know the argument that what right do we have they were here first.  Well I can tell you that when I moved in to our place we saw a few deer maybe once a week.  Now we see 10 or so daily.  I'm not saying get rid of them all together but thin them out so we can enjoy them and also enjoy the fruits of the labour of gardening.   After all aren't we suppose to be going more green and growing our own food closer to home.  Or is that growing food for the deer to eat?   Comments.  Lets hear what you think or tell us about your problem with deer. 

And save the money or cut it in half , my study will only cost the CRD $75,000.


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Anonymous said...

I,m sure myself and a friend could do a deer cull for less than your price.