Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yard work

Well Didn't go out and take any pics or have any events to report today. It was yard work day.

Well you know the time of year those oak leaves are starting to come down. Unfortunately this pic is not our yard , it is from the local school that I took on thursday.

So part of the day was spent sucking up leaves with my blower/suckerup/ mulcher. The other major jobs were cutting the lawn. Man it has grown with all this rain and warm weather. And I did some nail pulling out of some old wood from our old front stairs. Stacked the wood out of the elements and will keep it for some project in the future.

Along with doing the chores , It was also a great day to have lunch and dinner (bbq) outside . We might not have many more days where we can enjoy meals outside on the deck.

Well what did you do today anything exciting. Let me know on the comments area. Come on people lets have a little dialoge there just below each blog entry.

Ok till next time

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