Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Phone

Well this is my new phone. Its a Sony-Erickson Eperia x10. Its Sony's version of the Iphone. I like it so far but its like trying to learn to drive all over again. A lot to learn but hey I'm just playing with it so I can get it figured out. Haven't phoned many people with it yet. But I did take a couple of pics to get the hang of it. Nothing spectacular but just some pics to figure out how to use the camera.

I got 3 months of internet browsing then 500mb a month after that. So be interesting to see how much I use. I'm sure I will use a lot in the first 3 months but after that Ill just use it a bit.

Ok well enough for now. Here's a pic of a tree I took today . Hopefully next blog will be a bit more exciting.


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