Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time changes a lot

At first this seems like an odd pic. But this is taken just one house away from ours. You see we have been in our house for just over 25 yrs. So this pic is the old street and the new street.

I was walking by this today and thought when we moved in here it was all just like the top part of the pic. No sidewalks, Only one street light on the whole block and no it wasn't this one or at this point. And you notice the bus stop. Yes we have bus service now too. So when the kids were walking to school there was no sidewalk for them and when they adventured farther there was no bus close they had to walk for a good 20 min to catch a bus.

And we even have a garbage can now on the street. I wonder what is next?

But the deer are still here in record numbers.

Ok till next time

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