Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving not what you expect

Well this Thanksgiving weekend didn't really happen the way you think. First of all on the Saturday we went for our shots for our upcoming trip to Mexico. And I thought no prob. But on Sunday I didn't feel that well and my shoulder was really sore. and on Monday it continued but then felt better at the end of Monday.
Then we invited my brother over for dinner on Sunday for Thanksgiving and we didn't have the usual Turkey dinner. Instead we BBQ some nice steaks. Yes we were thankful for all the things and people that God places in our lives and we celebrated that.

On Monday we headed up to Nanaimo and meet up with my cousins and we went to a special beach we spent a lot of time at when we were young and I planted the tree that I had from Prince George. I got it at the BC Horseshoe pitching Championships which I won , so I wanted to plant it somewhere special. And this was the first place I ever played horseshoes. So that was the spot. Hope it survives.

But while we were having our lunch at the beach there. I bit into a candy and broke loose a big filling that I just had put in about a month ago. Sharp edges , have to see the dentist tomorrow.

So we headed home on the Highway and guess what. 20 mins. away from home on the Malahat the traffic stopped. There was some kind of accident and traffic not moving. Well when this happens it can be for hours. So we turned around and drove to my sister in laws place in Shawnigan lake and spent a hour or so and had coffee and tea. Then when we headed home the traffic was all gone.

Well How was your weekend? Did it happen as you planned or anything different or new?

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