Thursday, June 4, 2009

It all happens in the back yard

Well yesterday was an interesting day wildlife wise here. a pair of downy woodpeckers were carving a nest in a hole above our brick area. And dropping all of the shavings there. tired of sweeping it up. But enjoying watching them too. Yesterday a larger Red flicker woodpecker showed up right by the nest and the pair of downy woodpecker put on a air show dive bombing it till it left.

Then just next door in the wooded area we see a doe walking gingerly by. Wondering what was wrong with her and there right behind her staggering shakily along was a new born fawn. Then the fawn started to feed off the mother.

This morning while having a coffee before work on the deck we watched a couple of raccoons feeding off snails in the pond next door on the other side.

Wow we live in enchanted forest I guess.

1 comment:

wml said...

Any more raccoons in the tree? hee hee.
Looking forward to Wednesday night in your wooded wonderland. Don't scare all the wildlife away before we get there.