Monday, June 22, 2009

I know im getting older because

I know I'm getting older because I am enjoying sitting having my coffee and watching the action in the bird bath. I never thought I would turn into a bird watcher sort of. But its so nice on this summer morning to sit here and watch all the activity with the bird bath. There are so many different kinds using this bath. Robins, sparrows, finches, towhees, small and big woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and others i cant recall right now.

So this got me thinking of how they seem to get along at this watering hole. Its just like in our community there are places with different types of people and different ethic groups come together and spend time having a refreshing beverage or meal. Most time the people get along at the meeting place but at times there is conflict. The same with the bird bath. I find the robins are the most anti social as they like to keep the bath for themselves. But at times they share with a sparrow or like today a robin and a red flicker woodpecker were in the bath at the same time.

Well enjoy and when I don't post everyday maybe I'm busy watching the action at the bird bath.


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