Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy weekend

Yes it has been a busy busy weekend. Friday nite was taken up with us having our Grandson overnight. It is tiring with a 5 yr old and trying to keep up. On Saturday morning we travelled up island to Ladysmith for a Horseshoe tournament and a day at the park/beach. I played in the A division in the morning 2-2 record. Then afternoon at the beach/park/water park.

A return Sunday but without the grandson and a 3-1 record for a total of 5-3. Good enough for 2nd place in the A. My best finish so far.

Visiting relatives in Ladysmith then driving home. Today my wife informs me that the Downy woodpeckers I told you about a few posts ago that made a nest in a rotten branch in the oak tree. Well its official they now have babies. I cant hear the high pitch of the babies but my wife can.

'Well enough for now. later

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wml said...

All those grandson's and now you have grandbirdies, too. Congrats. Also congrats on the horseshoes stats. You will have to try to get some photos of the grandbirdies for us.