Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bi annual walk

Well being on holidays this week , My wife and I went on one of our long walks that we do about twice a year. We start out by driving to the Breakwater on Dallas road.

Then we continue on along Dallas road past Beacon Hill park, past Ross Bay cemetery.

At this point we stop and walk up beside the cemetery and go to Fairfield mall and have a coffee and tea at Starbucks.

Having had a break we get back on Dallas road and follow the water all the way along to Oak Bay. We had commitments later in the afternoon so we cut the walk a bit short and cut up on transit rd and then into the town of Oak Bay. Had lunch at the Pub there (2 for 1 burgers), then hopped on a bus to town and then transfer to another to the breakwater.

Then its a short 1/2 hr drive home.

Well looking forward to that walk in another 6 months or maybe sooner as I will be retired by then and maybe we will do it more often.

Ok till next time

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wml said...

That IS a long walk. How were the burgers? Pennyfarthing I am guessing. And should there not be cruiseships behind you in that first photo??