Monday, May 18, 2009

road trip update

Well we made our Horseshoe trip to Cumberland (near Courtenay B.C) on Sunday. We left the house at 530am. (with little sleep as we were kept awake by a house party across the street. We toyed with leaving at 2am when we were awake but we did happen to get a couple hours sleep.

Arrived there at 820am and played in the B class in the morning. It was a up and down day for me as I was red hot in parts of games and stone cold in others. My best game was 48% ringers but the next game was down to 21%. I lost 2 games but both of them had to be finished twice as there were errors on adding. The first had me losing 39-31 playing to 40 points. and I threw 2 ringers and closed it to 39-37 but could not get one on and he got a single point to win it. The second one I was up 38-31 and had ringer fall off and only get one point then the other guy threw ringer after ringer to finish me off. So in all I finished in second place.

For lunch we took a picnic lunch to the Filberg park in comox. What a beautiful view overlooking the inlet and the snow capped mountains in the background.

We returned to the tournament and after the awards we headed home but stopped for pizza in ladysmith at Georges Restaurant. mmmmm.

all in all a good day.

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wml said...

So close...but 2nd place is great.