Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100 Days

Well that's it 100 working days to go till my retirement. I have already accomplished 35 yrs at Canada Post as a letter carrier, but am waiting till I turn the old age of 55 before I retire from there. That age will happen on Dec.01, 2009 and will be my last day on strength for Canada Post. But I have about 5weeks of holidays so I am using them up just before Dec. 01. So my last day working will be Oct.30 if I have figured it out correctly.

Thus only 100 working days to go. With spring then summer and fall , the weather should be good going for those last days.

I'm not completely sure what the future will bring but I'm sure a much more relaxing morning time. No more getting up early and hustling out to work. Maybe I will work part time , maybe not. but it will be out of wanting to not needing to.

Well enough for now catch you later


wml said...
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wml said...

Don't worry...if Mrs Postie can't think of enough jobs to give you, the rest of us will help her out with ideas!