Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poor sports

Well I spent the last week at the RBC Cup Jr A Hockey tournment. Last nite I was watching the local Victoria Grizzlies play a semi-final game against the Humboldt Broncos. The game went into overtime and sadly the Broncos scored with 2 seconds left in the overtime period to win the game. It was a hard played game by both teams with the Grizzlies outplaying the Broncos in the overtime but could not find the net with the puck. The season is now finished for the Grizzlies and it was a good one. But now the Broncos will play in the final of the RBC Cup against the highly rated Vernon Vipers.

Now the point I want to make . As soon as the game was over, with the goal scored the Victoria coach Geoff Courtnall slammed down a water bottle and walked off the bench and into the dressing room. Out of 3 coaches on the team only one went out on the ice to shake hands with the other team. It is a tradition in hockey when a series or tournament and a team is eliminated they shake hands. Now this is just poor sportsmanship of the coaches not to go with their team and shake hands . What kind of message are they sending to the young kids in the crowd and the young junior players that they are in charge of.

This display of poor sportsmanship upset me and I'm thinking of not buying season tickets with this team next year. I will not support that kind of display. So we will see who coaches this team next year. My advice is find a real leader.

But kudos to the players on the team they played well all year and I enjoyed watching them. and I appreciate the one coach who did go out there and shake hands at the end. Way to lead , maybe you should take over this team for next year.

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