Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Mile walk

No I didn't go for a ten mile walk.  At least I don't think it was that far.  But my wife and I went for a walk at Ten Mile Point.  
We started out in Cadboro Bay at Gyro park.  that's were 4 of these pictures were taken.  

The first is of a uncovered old
water pipe.  Hard to guess how old it is but I would say going on 80-100 yrs.  Then the kids park with old Caddie in the foreground and the Olympic mountains in the back ground.
The next picture is of a sculpture up in a yard of a very nice house taken from the 
beach. Don't you wish you lived there with the great view of the water and mountains? 
Next is just one of the beach with all the dog walkers getting their last months fun on the beach before its closed to dogs. 

We walked down ten mile point and stopped at smugglers cove to watch a guy put in his kayak.  Then had a friendly dog share our cookies with him.

On the walk back we stopped at the look out on Arbutus rd and enjoyed the view of the Juan de Fuca strait.   The weather was great and its a pre taste of the spring and summer yet to come.   Well till then enjoy what good weather you can.  Time to cut the grass soon.

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