Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Shirt

I won a t-shirt from another blog a few weeks ago, and it just arrived yesterday.  To win I had to be the 505th follower of the blog.  Just below you will see I have 3.  Maybe I will run a contest like that but maybe give a prize away for a much lower number. So stay in tune for that.  If you want to visit the blog that I won the t-shirt on its  Pasadena Daily PhotoAnyway the shirt fits great.  till next time  everything is all roses here.



Petrea said...

That is so cool!

I won't steal your photos. I'll just link everyone to your blog.


Susan Campisi said...

Nice t-shirt!

Dina said...

It fits you well, Postie. Enjoy it!
Holy day greetings to you from Jerusalem.