Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heading to the Airport

Well I'm not heading for the Airport today or tomorrow or in the near future. But I was wondering about the new McTavish Interchange.  It opened last saturday.  

I was thinking maybe I should take a look online to see what the design really looked like in case there were some surprises in store.   I found it although confusing at first glance, It looks pretty simple to navigate.    With a few roundabouts now in Langford , If people just take turns it works out great.   Remember I said If they take turns.  So here is an animation of the interchange.  Highway 17 Mctavish interchange
Give it a look and see so when you travel it at least you have some idea of where you are going or what to expect.

Till then.  maybe see you at the airport

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katney said...

We have a new one in Union Gap (near Yakima, WA) that is still under construction and looks a lot like this. There is currently a double roundabout. Another is likely what they are doing nearby. The on and off ramps are still not finished.

We are not used to roundabouts here, so it is really confusing.