Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stanley Cup

Well its time for the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The long marathon of hard played hockey. Some call it divorce time in Canada. But it just shows how passionate Canadians are for their hockey.

Well is this the year for Vancouver Canucks.  40 yrs in the NHL and we have yet to win the cup.  We have come close twice , reaching the finals.  One even went to 7 games against the Rangers in 94.

Well all the experts predict the Canucks to win the cup.  All the Canuck fans are expecting it.  Even the players showed it by winning the most points in the regular season.   

Now with key injured players back from injury, they are all set to do it.  But that's why we play the games.  They have to earn it not just want it and have a good regular season.  But they must endure that long playoff  struggle.

Well I think they will do it.  I'm hoping for them to win. But I have been hoping for this for 40 yrs.  But I believe this is their best chance.  Even better than in 94.

What do you think.   Leave a comment.     Go Canucks

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