Thursday, May 30, 2013

Murder in the Back Yard

It was a quiet day and we were working in the front yard gardening. As lunch approached we headed around to the back.
Then I spotted it, feathers all over the sidewalk and brick patio.
Thinking maybe a fight between a cat and a bird , but no feathers were floating through the air.
I looked up and there sitting on top of a branch on the oak tree right by the patio was a Falcon (or was it a hawk, I'm not an expert on these kind of birds).  
He was enjoying his meal of what I presume was a pigeon.

We walked around underneath to put away the gardening supplies and he just kept on eating , keeping a keen eye on us.

He was still enjoying his meal about an hour later.
And we thought it would be just a quiet day in the yard
boy were we wrong.  But Hey falcons have to eat too .