Thursday, May 2, 2013

Horseshoes for Malawi Results

On May 1 I pitched my Horseshoes for Malawi .  That was to raise money for the work of the Salvation Army in Malawi Africa.   
I pitched 100 horseshoes and counted all the ringers. 
I said my goal was between 40 & 60 ringers.  Well I got 56.

I had $8.59 pledged per ringer so that equals $480.92
plus I had donations of $235.00 so that equals $715.92 

I want to thank all of you that contributed.  If you haven't paid me yet I will try and collect it over the next couple of weeks.
Again thanks very much

Below is a scan of my scoresheet.  the ringers are marked with O
and 1 or 2 is just single points.
First game or 50 shoes I threw 23 ringers
Second  game or 50 shoes was 33 ringers
for that grand total of               56 ringers


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