Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Last year when the news came out about putting guard rails on the breakwater in Victoria, B.C. I thought what a joke.
I mean I have lived here all my life and the only people that have gotten hurt are maybe a handful in 50 yrs.
So why waste the money and do this, and of course its going to look stupid.   
Then I heard the reason as the harbour authority had no choice as the insurance company would not cover them for any risk of people getting injured.  So yes I guess they have no choice, we will be stuck with this ugly guard rails.

 The new breakwater is now open with the rails up and they do not look bad.  In fact they look pretty good.
It is now safe for little kids to walk without parents holding hands so tightly.  The kids can even run and skip along.
Handicap people and wheelchairs are even great now on the breakwater.
Now if someone falls off the breakwater they really asked for it. You would have to climb up on the rail to fall now.
So take a look at these pictures and please go for a walk and enjoy it.   
The one thing I like is you can stop half way now lean against the rail and just enjoy the view.  Before nothing to lean against.

Ok enjoy