Friday, January 18, 2013

found site abbey rd

Well you get two posts today.  On browsing the web today I found this site that shows the just before pictures of the famous Abbey Road.  You know the one on the Beatles album cover.

Now check out this site to see the ones taken just before this famous picture was taken.  Amazing how just the right one looks so much better than others.  But I do like the on that is of them waiting to cross and a older lady is talking to them.

Here is the link to the other pictures The shot before Abbey road album cover

And if you ever make it to London and want to get your picture taken on this famous crosswalk there are a few hints to help out.
The most important one is not to go to subway station called Abbey Rd.  It is on the other side of London from where you want to be.  you need to go to St. John's Wood subway station.

But here are some tips on getting that great pic at Abbey rd.


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