Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crooked Clock

Last Saturday we were in the  Bruce Hutchison Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library.  That is the one that is in the building with the Commonwealth Pool.

That is where I spotted this clock on the wall.  I had to look twice because it took me by surprise.  I knew it was a great shot for my blog.  So while i took the pic , one of the ladies working there said "oh you like our clock".   To which I replied "Yes whats the origin of it"
Well it seems that it was bought at Urban Barn. And its called 
Fashionably Late.  I searched Urban Barn website but could not find it so I'm sorry I cant tell you the price.  If you know send me a comment below on this post.

So I guess you get to pic which line on the second hand you get to read.  the longest is the exact time and the shorter part is well fashionably late.

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