Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mill Hill

The hill near our house is called Mill Hill.   At one time there was a ranger station on the top to look out for forest fires.   Originally named Mill Hill because get this millstream is at the foot of it and its just above six mile bridge where a old mill was during Victoria's early years.

You can see our house (the brown one) in a couple of these pictures but now if you go up its hard to see as trees have grown up around it and makes it hard to see. 

Also in the pictures are early pics of Costco.  and on the other side one of the best overall views of Esquimalt harbour and greater Victoria.  

Its only a 20 min walk up and not too steep.   Have you ever been up there.   Even our old dog Nicky enjoyed going up there.

These pics were taken by one of the first digital cameras that came out.  It was a sony mavica which we bought for a trip to the UK back in 98.  These pics were taken I believe feb. 99

A step back in time for you

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