Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imaginary walk

I saw something that was once on a website for fitness in greater Victoria but no longer available.   So I thought it was a neat idea so I'm going to try and do it with this blog. 

The idea is to imaginary walk up and down Vancouver Island. You just go for a walk anywhere you want and figure out the kilometers that you walk and just figure out where on the island you would be if you were walking to the end.  Just keep adding up the kilometers you walk till your at the top and then back again.

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So I'm starting from my house.  I will be using Google maps and using the directions and selecting walking instead of driving.  So my first goal is to get to Mill Bay from my house.  It says it will take 6 hrs and 25 min.   So I will walk till my total gets to 6 hr and 25 min.  I might walk for 20 min one day 2 hrs the next but eventually I will total the 6 hrs and 25 min.  Then I pick my next goal.  And so forth till I make it to the end. Then turn around and come back again.  

I wonder how long this will take.  Going to be interesting.  I will let you know when I reach each goal.

Ok Ill start walking tomorrow.   and any other day I feel like walking.

ok later

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