Friday, September 23, 2011

Filling the Void

In little main street View Royal, with the recent upgrades to the Old island hwy rd., their is a small gem that is filling a missing void in the town.

Joseph's cafe is well situated at the corner of Island Hwy and Helmeken. In the ground floor of a medical building the family run cafe is a great gathering place, for all walks of life.

We were walking around the neighbourhood of View Royal today and at the end ,stopped in for a coffee, tea and a few cookies.  

This is run by former Empress and Bear Mountain chef Joseph Lake.   All the baking is done on site and they also do catering and consulting.   I recommend you stop by for coffee there and enjoy the delicious baked goods and great hospitality.
The only downside I saw was I don't care for the bowl style cups as your drink cools down to fast. I'm more of a tall mug kind of person.

Oh yea did I say the cookies were delicious?   They were !!!

In the next few days I will post more pictures of our walk in View Royal.   
Ok till next time   enjoy your coffee or tea.

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Anonymous said...

You have alot of interesting blogs Tom,the art,restaurants,cafes,and alot of shots around Victoria I havent seen in years.Keep up the good work. Wayne