Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not quite

Well this is the update of the horseshoe tournament.  A great weather day , usually when you start like this it wasn't a good horseshoe throwing day. But I did play fairly well.   In the "A" group I won my first 4 games with ringer percentage of  47,61,42,48.    Then the last game with a record of 4-0 against another player with 4-0 record, we had a very good and close match.  But unfortunately I didn't throw well in my last 6 shoes and then it was over.   We both threw 48% but he had a few more single points and It wasn't meant to be today.

Well next tournament will be July 9-10 in Abbotsford for the BC International tournament.   I better practice more so I can throw a bit better.

Ok till next time

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