Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canucks win game 1

Were you holding your breath in the third period of game 1.  Canucks scored with 18 seconds left to win 1-0 in game one of the Stanley Cup finals.
Well thats not the only thing people were holding. Check out the graph below.  It seems people are holding it till the end of the period before hitting the toliet.  This is water usage during the game in Burnaby , part of Greater Vancouver .

Enjoy the rest of the series.  And dont fortget to go to the bathroom before every period.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Tom.Great game good thing I don`t chew my nails,I have Don Cherrys bobblehead beside my TV and it woorked for me.Next season I will have to cheer for the Jets if thats the name they choose.So for now Go Vancouver Go.Till next time Wayne.

postie said...

Wayne thanks for helping out the cheering for the Canucks. Enjoy the game . Canucks all the way