Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye on the sparrow

Can you see the sparrow in the first picture on the rock.  He must have fallen out of a bird house on the side of our house.  The mother flew down alot and fed him while the father would land and get him to chase him hoping he would fly or get to a safer spot.

He was on the rock for about 3 hrs today and then I found him on the sidewalk.  After a bit I looked again and he was no where to be found.  I think he found a bush to hid under. 

He looks a little too young to fly, So hoping he can survive till hes big enough.  Don't want to handle him as I'm sure if you do the parents will not go near him with the smell of humans on him.   Feel sorry for the little guy.   If I see anything more Ill update you but If i see anything more I think it might be on the bad side of news.  Because if he flies I wont see him on the ground again and he will make it home safely.

Well hope it turns out little guy.

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