Friday, November 18, 2011

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Well its that time again when we start to look for the right present for that hard to buy for relative or friend.   Well here you go some ideas for this year.   Take a look im sure you need one of these for your list
1.    Bedside Book Lamp

2.  Yea everyone needs this to liven things up at Christmas
Indoor fireworks
3.   Backyard Garden Water gun.   ( I cant wait till summer)
  4.  Another summer special   Kilt Beach towel

5.     Tree shadow candles. (watch the trees move on the wall)

 6.  Cool  night light faucet.   

7.   A album for all those concert and event tickets

8.   A Dog sled adventure.   This is real only $139. 
 9.    Now you Iphone junkies need this  
            Iphone Bottle Opener case

10.   and of course some candy for the stocking
               Gummy Army Guys 


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