Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bigger Picture

Well it is Thanksgiving in the USA, and I know we celebrated it a month ago here in Canada , But Happy Thanksgiving to all.

While watching the football games today on TV, being a feast of games for Thanksgiving in the NFL.  I could not help my self wondering where some of these guys minds were.  I have observed this mindset before during games of any sport.  But today It just got me wondering why no one says anything about it.

One team was losing by almost 3 touchdowns and only a miracle would get them to win.  A defensive lineman hits the Quarterback in the arm and the ball pops out.  But the offensive team quickly falls on the ball and no big harm done to the offense.
But the defensive player is jumping up and down with great joy, for his knocking the ball loose.  His team did not get the ball back and its still looking like they are going to loose big time. But he is still doing a great dance of Joy and celebration.

He seems to be caught up in his own little world, and not seeing the bigger picture that his team is getting beat badly.

Again in a hockey game a player gets a big hit or wins a fight and is so proud of himself as he is skating off to the bench or penalty box .  His team is losing 5-0 and he again is celebrating.
Does he not see the big picture? 

Well how bout us on Thanksgiving , whether USA or Canada. Do we only see it as one day to thank God for our blessings or maybe we should see the big picture and thank him everyday.

Well what do you think?

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