Saturday, March 26, 2011

How things change

I guess you must have wondered what happened to my blogging?  No I am still around and healthy, just overly busy.  With the new Horseshoe season starting and me being the statistician I'm getting ready for the league to start.
So Ive still been out and walking around taking pics and enjoying life, but either no time to blog or not in the mood to blog.

But I'm here now so lets see if anyone recognizes this building.  I wont tell you where it is in Greater Victoria but will give you some clues.
It is now a Car sales lot. It use to be a mini golf building with the mini golf around it.  Even one of my readers use to work in the mini golf.   Ok who knows where it is.  Remember leave a comment at the bottom and see who gets it first.  Sorry no prize this time.

Well enjoy the rest of the weekend


Anonymous said...

its on the colwood strip across from the juan de fuca rec centre

postie said...

You are correct Anonymous. Leave your name so we know who you are. Very quick response too.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect. I am a flip shoe artist.

postie said...

Well that makes two of us . Im a flip shoe artist too. So still dont know who you are.