Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Blog

This is a guest blog from my Daughter-in-Law Karen, who blogs at

One year ago today . . . Canada burst into mass elation!

After a nail biting game, the Canadian Men's Hockey team had won the gold medal! It was the magical ending we had all wanted for the Vancouver Olympics. 
But the truth is, the reality far exceeded our expectations - Canada went into the Vancouver 2010 games as the only host nation to have never won a gold medal, and we finished the games as the country with the most gold medals at any Winter Olympics. Ever.
In one word? Magical!
And I had a front seat on the festivities that followed Sydney Crosby's winning goal. You see, not only had we (me and the Husband, that is) been fortunate enough to attend one of the men's hockey semi-finals but we were also into town for the gold medal game.
Once the final whistle was called, we got into our car and rushed to downtown Vancouver. As we drove, we passed children on the highway overpasses waving Canadian flags, hastily attached to hockey sticks. For a moment it was as though we forgot that unlike our neighbours to the South we are more reserved in our nationalism. We like to keep it to ourselves.
But this was different! The whole country cast aside all inhibitions and celebrated with joyful abandon.
I will never forget the smiling faces, the honking horns, the strangers hugging each other, and the pure bliss of it all!
In 2010, we hosted the world, we won the coveted gold, there was a party in the street, and I was there.

Question: Where were you one year ago? Did you celebrate the victory? What's your story of that gold medal day?

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Toronto Girl West said...

That went up quickly - hope you enjoyed it! :o)

postie said...

Enjoyed the olympics in Vancouver but the final game was in the comfort of my lazyboy. It was great. The whole olympics was wonderful.

Thanks Karen for your view.