Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Email Horseshoes

This month I started a new kind of horseshoe league.  It is called
Tom's email horseshoes.  The concept is that anyone that wants to play horseshoes can wherever or whenever they want.  

Heres how it works.  You play once a week where ever you want, and it can be by yourself or with someone else.  You throw 50 shoes and count all your points.  ringers= 3pts shoes 6in from the pin= 1pt.   you just email me the total points after the 50 shoes.

The first week had 14 people join in.  A good first start.  most from BC but had a couple in Ontario and one from PEI.

Hope to get more people involved as the weeks and months go on.

If you want to see the first results  then check out the web page at

Tom's Email Horseshoes

Ok till then  happy pitching

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