Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well been having trouble with the Fob for my truck.  It only works sometimes and only from some angles of my truck.  I asked around and people told me , oh that's expensive.  People told me that it would cost me like 140 up to 300 dollars.

Well I decided to phone the local Ford dealer and he told me a new fob would be about 50 bucks.  And maybe I could just replace the battery for a couple bucks. (very helpful)

So with that news I headed down to the Ford dealer and inquired about replacing the battery.   Oh sorry we don't carry the batteries.  What!!  Am I the only person that has a Ford that needs a battery replaced .  You think they would have a few on hand to help out .  Especially with customer service.  Good pr.

So I asked ok if i replace the battery and it still doesn't  work do you have any Fobs on hand.  NO. but we can order you one in.

Wow incredible. Nobody has anything useful in stock anymore. Just think of the business they lose because they don't have the items needed in stock.

So off I went to a local battery store.  Had the battery replaced for $4. including tax and it works good as new.

So if you need a new battery on your fob don't go to the dealer head to a battery shop.  It is a time saver and less headaches.

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