Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's been a long time

Its been over 10 yrs or maybe a lot more since I ventured over to  Vancouver to see a Canuck game.  But with a relative transferring to Vancouver for work it was a great time to go over for a visit and see a game too.

We walked on the ferry to cut down costs , got a ride into town with my relative and then we returned a few days later on the skytrain and bus to the ferry.  It sure cuts down the cost .
Anyway we really enjoyed the game with going down to the glass to watch the warmup then up to the rafters to watch the game.  But a great view from there and enjoyed a very  close thrilling game.
Vancouver lost to San Jose Sharks in a shootout.   So we got our money worth with the extra time.
Well have to go over again sooner than every 10 yrs for a game

ok till next time

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