Monday, August 1, 2011

Odd shot Aug 1

Well its been a week since I last posted.  been busy. But here is my odd shot.   I saw these guys last week as I was driving down the street.  They were walking along to go play hockey at the local school.   Carrying a homemade Stanley Cup, I thought this is a perfect shot for my odd shot.   I mean how many times do you see a Stanley Cup being walked down the street. 

I asked them if i could take their pic for my blog and they said sure.   We are the Langhole league they called out.  Lang for Langford I guess. and hole as Langford used to be a bad place to be but I guess with the younger crowd it still is .  I dont know.  I like it here.

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Anonymous said...

Well I hear that you will be holding one of those cups next weekend in quebec. Good luck at the canadian championships young fella. We know you will throw your best stuff. It will be a good confidence booster for you in castlegar the following week.