Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hoy Mate

 Well it was out to sea today on the pirate adventures out of fisherman's wharf.  It is right near the famous Barb's fish and chips.

This was a great time and good value for your money too.  It cost us all $20 each. for just over a hr cruise and entertainment.  And it was action packed.

We all dressed up as pirates you see in the pictures, learned the language and dances of pirates and then the adventure began. 

Some one called the Captain a name like Scurvy  and he then proceeded to try and make that man walk the plank.  But he was saved in the last moment.

We found a bottle floating in the water with a map.  Yes a treasure map.  Then we battled  Stinky Pete for the key and then found the treasure.   Once opened we shared in the booty.  We all got 3 pieces of toy treasure.    Then celebrated by dancing and drinking the Grog (pepsi).    

If you haven't checked it out I recommend it .  The kids love it and really get into the action.   O did I mention we had water cannons that we fired at Stinky Pete.

Check it out

 till next time
Shiver me timbers

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