Saturday, February 13, 2010

The trees

Well after living in the same yard for almost 25 yrs it was time to do some tree clearing. We had three trees removed and a bunch trimmed. It is amazing how much less sunlight you have after the trees grow for that long. Now our vegetable garden will get a lot more light.

The guys that did this were amazing! They had some tight spots to drop the branches so they didn't crash into our shed or any of the lovely plants in the yard. They didn't damage anything . Like I said amazing. Oh wait I think one little flower got knocked off a roudo

This is a video of how they trimmed the last tree. amazing how they get the branch where they want it.

One problem they did have was they had to come back a second day because a raccoon didn't want to leave his spot the first day. But he wasn't there the next day. So the tree could come down.

ok till next time . enjoy the Olympics Go Canada Go

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