Thursday, January 7, 2010

Penalty shot?

During tonight's hockey game between Vancouver Canucks and the Phoenix Coyotes the comment was made maybe a team should get a choice of taking a penalty shot or a power play when a penalty shot is awarded.
I think that would be a great idea. I for one if i was a coach would take the 2 min penalty. Why? Because you would most likely get more than one decent scoring chance, and also put pressure on the other team who may take another penalty. The third thing that it would do would take up more time in the game in the other end meaning less time in your end.
And fourth, It could build up momentum.

Well that's my take on what I would do. Tell me what you would do in this situation. Leave a comment and lets chat about this a bit in the comment section. and don't forget to explain why you would take that choice.

Ok enjoy the games.

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rebelboy said...

I prefer it the way it is---penalty shots are for very flagrant and specific situations. In the ECHL referees seemed to be encouraged to call them, but in the NHL the application is more strict. Your suggestion is interesting---I can see a coach declining the penalty shot, then the power play fails in a close game, team misses the playoffs and the coach gets fired. Anyway an interesting idea that is worth being debated.